Wine Tasting Class Series

WIne Tasting with Jen

Intimidated by wine tasting? Not sure how to describe what you like and dislike in a wine? Have no idea why some people taste cherries in wine, or what the heck tannins are? You are not alone!  This series of classes is for you if you like wine, but want to become a more confident consumer. Local wine expert Jennifer Gray will guide you as you train your taste buds and your brain to learn how to identify and describe wines and learn more about why and how we taste what we taste and experience when we sip wine. To bring all this knowledge together, the final class in the series will help you hone your wine and food pairing skills, as you experience combinations of food and wine and learn what works together (and what doesn’t!) and why. All classes will be held at the Santa Barbara Wine Collective in the Funk Zone in downtown Santa Barbara. 

*This series of classes can be taken as stand-alone classes, or you can sign up for all three (recommended!) to really boost your wine knowledge and tasting and pairing abilities. 

*Cost includes wine tasting during class. Additional wines available for purchase following class.

Class One (May 2): Flavor and Aromas in Wine

Why doesn’t wine taste “grapey?” This class focuses on what you can smell and taste in wine. We will learn how to identify some of the flavors and aromas that are present in various wines, in general, along with the wines that we taste in class. We will learn how and why those aromas and flavors are there, and you can begin to have a better ability to describe the wine you taste.

Class Two (May 16): The Structure of Wine

Wine isn’t just about aromas and flavors! This class focuses on the “structure” of wine: sweetness, acidity, tannins, alcohol, and body. Learn to identify these characteristics in various styles and types of wine and begin to build a language for wine that goes beyond simple flavor and aroma. This class is particularly helpful for understanding how to describe what kinds of wine that YOU like!

Class Three (May 30): Food and Wine Pairing

Class Three (May 30): Food and Wine Pairing

This third class brings together the principles of flavor and structure to show how wine and food can complement each other (and, in some instances, work against each other). Learn some basic principles of food and wine pairing that will enhance your enjoyment of food and wine together. You will leave this class armed with new knowledge about how to plan your wine and food pairings for maximum enjoyment!

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